How to play

Place as many dice on the grid while abiding to simple rules:

  • The dice added next to a Red (up arrow/larger) Dice must have a larger value
  • The dice added next to a Blue (down arrow/lesser) Dice must have a smaller value
  • The rules only apply at the time of adding a new dice.

M to mute
Mouse wheel to Zoom in & out.

Scores in comments?!

My best 18! -> 36

Use your wit, to optimize your field, even at the mercy of the roll of the dice!

GMTK 2022 Entry!


Game: Joh
Music by Eric Matyas

Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, Dice


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Acyaully not bad but still not so easy to get the way how to play.

new personal best

That's amazing, very well done!
That's gonna be hard to beat!

Breaking the Ice on scores myself!

Got a great score of 36! I'm curious if anyone can beat that, it was a really good run!