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we need a work option so we can make more money every week to keep this game going, mabey  a stock market? or other investments? :D


such a cool game! I like these nonintuitive economic games. Like, I played a section of Super Bogus World II where you issue subprime loans and it was my favorite part.

My strat is this: Don't ever clear the screen before you're done with the round. Don't put any money into cards that don't have a deadline next week, it won't reset the deadline.

Make payments in this order:

  1. minimum amount to defuse all deadlines
  2. cards due next week with a fee with preference for those with high interest rates
  3. debts due next week without a fee with preference for those with high interest rates

To make these payments, pull money in this order:

  1. cards that are already missing money
  2. bank
  3. cards with no fee with a preference for the one that causes the least amount of debt on a given day and has the lowest interest (idk how to decide between cards beyond that, so just use discretion idk)
  4. cards with fees unless it is a card with no fee that will create less interest than the card's fee

Also grandpa has no interest. Pay the least amount every time.


I hit 99 weeks, the key to getting so far is ignoring the don't accept all credit cards advice. Literally no reason to do that since you can just not use it and just save it for a rainy day and never have to pay any fees. And that rainy day will come since this guy keeps spending more and more money to a ridiculous extend.

That's amazing! Congratulations!

I can say for a fact the tip was not meant to deceive.It was literally necessary in earlier versions, and there are still downsides to certain cards. I never intended for the downsides to always be lower than the upsides, but its possible that's what happens. Thanks for the heads up, I'll remove the advice and praise you for your dedication and performance!

I hope your comment helps and fires up other players

Very interesting concept!

Thank you!

nice bvro love you suck you yesir