Create your Character creator!

Mix Mouths, eyes, hairs, accessories or any sprites and images and obtain all the possible resulting sprite combinations! Perfect for VN various character emotes or mix and match NPCs, among many things.

Sprite combinator makes character variants easy!

  1. import or drop your images for layers.
  2. Arrange the layers order, positions and colors as desired.
  3. Preview (right tab) and/or download the resulting sprite combinations


Stack Layers each with multiple sub-images

Create a layer, add subimages and switch the one showed at a button press. The sub-images can also be moved for fine-tuning (select the image first to do this).

Smart image importing

Drop, Paste or Open images with the tool, automatically creating a new layer. When importing multiple images in one go, they are automatically combined into 1 layer with each being a sub-image.

Color variants

Add colors to the sprites and link layers colors if needed.  Have a hair front and back layer that should always be the same color? Link them to do that.

Sub-layers groupings

Use layer hierarchy for the sprites to manipulate sprites as a group.

Preview and download the resulting sprites

Quickly preview and download all the individual sprites generated from all layer and color combinations!

Save, Load and share

Save your current progress (to a downloaded file) to return later or share it with others.


  • Can only download images individually
  • Only up to 256 sprites can be  generated
  • 7 layers can be create
  • 5 colors per layer
  • 10 images per layer
  • Coloring blends the existing colors

Please do not use this to generate NFTs

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GenreVisual Novel
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsCharacter Customization, Characters, creator, Sprites, tool

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Hi, have you got exe version for windows?


hi there sorry i didnt see any of your messages. Have just checked the link is working fine. Sorry to hear you are having issues.

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Well, my browser crashes when I try to run Your tool. So this is why I asked about exe version for windows.


so? do pou have exe version?


Hello I'm the dev, I dont know who the other commenter is. I'm sorry that you are encountering issues, unfortunately there isn't an exe version. 

Which browser are you using? Are there any error message? does the full browser crash or does it leave a black page?  Thank you

(1 edit) (-1)

Would you mind changing icon/logo?
The icon technically infringes on the logo & trademark of another tool: Pixel Over.

Cool looking tool otherwise :) Thanks!